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In a previous chapter of my life, I lived in several countries and worked as an economist in the banking and finance sector, but I wasn’t satisfied with what the material world was offering. I started to experience a shift in consciousness.

I left London to explore the secret world of mystics in India. The Vedic texts highlighted the need for a guru-disciple relationship for spiritual progress. From the Vedanta perspective, we are glimpsing life through the prisms of our minds and we need the help of masters to extricate us from our illusions. But the search for a true mystic was a formidable challenge. On the off-beaten tracks, I met yogis who claimed to be what they were not and those who said nothing yet they were much more. I came to the understanding that what met the eye in this material world was usually laced with deceit. Greatness lurked in hidden corners of India and was masked in layers of secrecy to protect its sanctity; much like a jewel hidden away.

I spent many years in the company of mystics and spiritual masters. I studied Vedanta and yoga philosophy, became a yoga teacher and trained under a humble master in Jnana Yoga (the path of knowledge). The more I concentrated on the subject matter, the more I understood and experienced. Soon, my mind was like the dry grass under a magnifying glass, catching fire. The wisdom of the wise ones and my own experiences inspired me to write my debut novel Mystic Road Warrior.

Book Synopsis

Mystic Road Warrior

In a journey of transcendence, a young seeker’s quest to experience the ultimate truth leads him into the spiritual heart of India where he encounters realized sages with superpowers and universal knowledge.

‘The unborn, the eternal, the indestructible, that which is beyond the material never dies.’

During World War I, Lawrence Helix, an aristocratic Englishman and a RAF pilot leader is the sole survivor of an aerial dogfight over Germany. The mystical intervention that saves his life upends his privileged existence by forcing him to finally confront age-old questions of consciousness, reality and the infinite, which have hounded him since his parents’ untimely deaths.

Seized with spiritual restlessness, Lawrence travels extensively in India—to crowded holy sites, drought-stricken cities and the glacial Himalayas where he meets 400-year-old yogis with mind-bending fantastic superpowers common to true yogis. To attain spiritual mastery himself, Lawrence must renounce all material pursuits and attachment to his fiancée pulling him back home. Intellectually, emotionally and physically at a breaking point, Lawrence finally returns to a realised master whose watchful guidance throughout has been testing him and preparing him for the ultimate journey within.

Based on Vedanta, Mystic Road Warrior is a compelling tale of inner evolution and a higher state of being.

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‘Enjoyed reading ‘Mystic Road Warrior’. The narrative blends the metaphysical with the practical in an interesting way. It’s a good read!’
- Ruskin Bond

  • ‘Enjoyed reading ‘Mystic Road Warrior’. The narrative blends the metaphysical with the practical in an interesting way. It’s a good read!’ - Ruskin Bond

  • Mystic Road Warrior is a magic carpet ride of a tale about one man’s spiritual awakening and ensuing search for heightened meaning in a world that seems to have lost its soul. Set just after World War I and taking place in various exotic locations around the world, the author skilfully weaves intrigue into every page of this compelling, engaging narrative. The book’s author, Medha Narwani, has a natural bent for telling an epic tale replete with plenty of humor as well as charismatic, complex characters who quickly find their way into our hearts. This is a book that people everywhere will love and embrace, given that the spiritual search of its main character mirrors the search that all of us, in one way or another, will likewise engage in at some point or another as a condition of being alive. Containing esoteric nuggets of spiritual wisdom for the reader to savor and ponder, this gem of a novel is destined to become a classic. - Anne Dillon on Goodreads

  • In this compelling, wise and fascinating spiritual tale, the author has weaved in memorable characters and vivid descriptions into a classic journey of transcendence. I really felt transported to India in the 1920s as I travelled with Lawrence to ashrams and perilous mountains, meeting mystics and charlatans, in his quest to seek answers to questions about the ultimate meaning of our existence. The wisdom based on Vedanta is profound - I’ve read countless spiritual books and this book really gets to the heart of it - it imparts the lessons that are important for a seeker on the spiritual path. It’s a book that once you start, you can’t put down, as you’re drawn in for the ride to the end, which is just beautiful. This is truly a captivating book and an unforgettable read! - Jack on Goodreads

  • Mystic Road Warrior is an enchanting novel. It is a meeting point of the spiritual, mi-raculous and mystical dimensions within us. It vividly brings to life the immense pos-sibilities that the practice of the ancient systems of yoga and vedanta bring to its genuine and persistent practitioners. The appeal of its plot and story line is timeless. - Kartik Vyas, Executive Coach and Yoga Mentor

  • Mystic Road Warrior is high quality spiritual fiction with exceptional narration and beautiful story-telling wrapped in deep spiritual insights. It is evident that Medha Narwani has not only dedicatedly read the Vedas, but has searched the spiritual path, and been fully present on it. - Jal Patel, Author of Bedside Book of Life

  • Mystic Road Warrior drew me in like a magician’s spell. I immediately connected with this beautiful story that resonated deeply with me. Medha Narwani has given us a spiritual path to understanding India from the view of Western thought: it will make you think and it will make you grow. Narwani’s eye for literary acumen is superb. This author has definitely become one of my favourites. - Helen Hewitt, Author and Editor

  • The book is one man’s journey within which may inspire seekers to search for the SELF within leaving the self behind. The pages are filled with such absolute Truths that the reader is bound to come back to it again and again. It’s a tale well narrated by Medha ( and of course she’s writing from her own personal experiences) of how Lawrence fights an inner battle , transcends his intellect , arrogance, and affluent lifestyle to wisdom, faith , devotion , humility and austerities.A sensitive reader can actually feel how a restless Lawrence grows spiritually to find peace, love and forgiveness; how he is led from one guru to another to find his oneness to God. It is an incredible book. I highly recommend it to seekers and non seekers alike . There’s immense potential here for the reader is encouraged to realise life at a much deeper level. - Sarita Prasad on Amazon

  • There are books for the intellect and then there are books for the soul! Mystic Road Warrior is the book for the soul, the balm to the many existential questions one faces and has no one to turn to for answers. The author articulates the challenges of the mystic path as well as she points to its beauty and she does it in a language I can understand. The book presents well-fleshed out characters, each finding a place exactly where they need to be. This book is a companion worth every journey! - Harpreet Kahlon on Amazon

  • HIGHLY recommended. This book was so fantastic the I almost forgot the outside world existed when I was reading it. I’ve never been so emotionally invested in a story as I was with this one. It’s a rare book that does this to me. - Akash on Goodreads

  • There are books aplenty that discuss philosophy and spirituality in a long, dry, informational manner. But then a book like Mystic Road Warrior comes along and shakes you up…moves you…albeit in a good way. Think of it as a deeply spiritual journey wrapped up in a globe-sweeping adventure. And yet the author manages to keep the language simple, the characters interesting and the narrative flowing. Highly recommended! - Manisha on Amazon

  • An incredible spiritual adventure! A very good read, something I genuinely couldn’t put down. - Sohum on Amazon

  • Medha Narwani’s insights into spirituality shines through page after page. - Khush on Goodreads

  • This books changed the way I think about life! - Nikita on Amazon

  • The author has brought alive the emotional transgressions so beautifully that is expected of some real ‘Rishi’. - Vidya on Goodreads

  • Congratulations to Media Narwani on her debut novel! I believe she is on the way to becoming India's very own Paulo Coelho. Her knowledge of Jnana Yoga and Vedanta philosophy has embellished her splendid book. Animated wittily by happiness and joy, pleasure and pain, romance and tragedy, birth and death; the dualities of the human existence, one can easily relate to the joys and sufferings entailed especially by seekers and spiritual enthusiasts. Medha's in-depth personal research enhances the suspense of this spiritual thriller by taking her readers below the tip of the iceberg, on an incredible literary adventure. As our universe speaks to all who care to listen, each page of the Mystic Road Warrior literally transports one to the realm of transcendental knowledge that lies at the heart and soul of India, gently but surely tugging at your soul's strings. Thank you Medha, I wish you all the best in your endeavours. - Reuben Coutinho on Goodreads

  • Intriguing, thought provoking and entertaining! - Sheetal on Amazon


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